Primary 护理 & 家庭护理

Our primary care physicians are qualified specialists in internal medicine, with many having cared for patients in the area for over 25 years. In addition to their extraordinary medical knowledge and care, our physicians are known for being attentive listeners to patients’ concerns, nonjudgmental, having positive attitudes and the ability to develop strong doctor-patient relationships.

病人 who see a primary care physician are generally healthier than those who do not, as our physicians are able familiarize themselves with their patient’s unique and changing health needs and provide a continuity of care. We dedicate our time to our patients and will refer you to expert specialists in any discipline, when necessary, as our primary concern is your care.

York Hospital owns several primary care and specialty care practices located throughout southern York County, 缅因州.
There are many physicians, 然而, that also provide services in our community and care for patients at York Hospital, but who are not employed by York Hospital, thus are not listed here. For more information on all providers, please 点击这里 for a full listing that you can sort by specialty, name, or location to view all of our providers.


请注意, our phone systems will be on auto attendant between 12 p.m. 和1p.m.
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Our Primary and 家庭护理 practices include:

Great Works Family Practice of York Hospital

57 Portland Street

South 伯威克, ME 03908

(207) 384-9212

Kittery Family Practice


Kittery, 缅因州 03904

电话: (207) 439-4430

Fax: (207) 439-0968

York Family Practice

127 长金沙 Road, Suite 11,

York 缅因州 03909

电话: (207) 363-8430

York Internal Medicine

12 Hospital Drive, Suite B,

York 缅因州 03909

电话: (207) 351-3530

Webhannet Internal Medicine – Moody

277 Post Road (Route 1)

Moody, 缅因州 04054

电话: (207) 646-8386

Fax: (207) 641-2855

York Family Practice Associates of York Hospital

127 长金沙 Road

York, ME 03909

York Hospital Family Medicine – 井

114 桑福德 Road

井, ME 04090

电话: (207) 641-6540

Fax: (207) 641-6549

York Hospital Family Practice in 桑福德 

1474 Main Street, 桑福德, 缅因州 04073

电话: (207) 608-8442

Fax: (207) 608-8443