The Hancock Family Fund for 健康y Aging was established by the 纽约医院 Trustees as a tribute to both Frank & Kay Hancock recognizing their leadership, community spirit and service to 纽约医院, 承认他们的独立性, 乐观进取的态度. And we are very grateful that their work is carried on now by their children Cal Hancock, Emi Betts和Josh Hancock. The Hancock Family Fund for 健康y Aging supports programs and services that promote and benefit the physical, 情感, 精神上的 & overall health and wellbeing of our community as we age including:

  • 冰球突破出诊计划                                 
  • 运输服务       
  • 送餐上门服务    
  • 强度 & 平衡项目

冰球突破大流行期间, the Hancock Fund has been invaluable in helping 纽约医院 meet increased demand for medical house call and home meal and prescription deliveries as many older adults in the region chose to shelter in place to avoid exposure to the virus.

For more information about the Hancock Family Fund for 健康y Aging, contact Community Relations at (电子邮件保护) or 207-351-2385.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Kittery resident Butch Mellette knows how important quick access to medical care is after experiencing a heart attack while working in his driveway one summer day. 冰球突破的心脏病专家. Lawrence Petrovich evaluated Butch in the ER and interventional cardiologist Dr. Jeffrey Colnes做了一个血管成形术, placing a stent in Butch’s right coronary artery to reestablish normal blood flow and stop the heart attack. 快速获得紧急护理, coupled with highly experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, literally saves lives—reasons that many patients, 包括布奇·梅莱特, say they are grateful to have 纽约医院 nearby, 为社区服务.

Your donation to the Caring for All Fund will support strategic, mission-driven capital funding needs at 纽约医院. Technology and infrastructure improvements such as those listed below will help ensure that 纽约医院 can continue to heal, strengthen and renew our patients and our community.

  • Cardiology: Three treadmill systems ($24,000 each)
  • Intensive 护理 Unit: Four ventilators ($31,000 each)
  • 手术 Center: Faster central sterile equipment to reduce instrumentation turnover time and allow more patient procedures to be performed ($185,000)
  • Sleep Laboratory: System upgrades for respiratory therapy ($18,000)
  • 成像: Advanced MRI software to improve image quality and decrease scan times, enabling service to more patients daily ($200,000)

冰球突破无法单独实现冰球突破的目标. 但在一起? 团结起来,冰球突破可以做很多事情. To learn more, contact Community Relations at (电子邮件保护) or 207-351-2385.


  • 为了纪念: Sometimes words are not enough to thank someone who has helped you during a hospital stay or difficult time. Gifts made “in honor” recognize the outstanding contributions made by our caregivers.
  • 在内存中: The loss of a loved one, friend or colleague often inspires us to ensure their memory lives on. Many people find supporting 纽约医院 is an ideal way to honor someone who has passed away while providing comfort in knowing their gift will help others.
  • 在庆祝活动: 婴儿的出生, achievement of a milestone birthday or anniversary or a recovery from serious illness are just a few reasons to consider making a gift to 纽约医院 as part of your celebration. Please include the name and address of the person we should notify of your gift (the amount of your gift will be kept confidential).


One of the easiest planned gifts to make is to leave a portion of your estate to your favorite organization. You can help 纽约医院 with a gift through your will or trust by naming the hospital as a beneficiary of an IRA, 慈善捐赠年金, 人寿保险单或其他资产. A generous gift will cost you nothing during your lifetime. And, a gift of just 1% of your total estate can potentially have a huge impact for our future.

If 纽约医院 has ever made you feel better when you needed care, and you would like to find a way to give back, consider naming 纽约医院 in your will. If you haven’t yet created a will, now might be the right time to do so. A legacy gift will impact the lives of future generations of children, families and older adults who count on 纽约医院, 一个独立的, 非营利性社区医院, 陪在他们身边. Please consider a bequest to us when you make your estate plans.


This fund helps support programs for those who have been diagnosed with, and are undergoing treatment for cancer at 纽约医院 through services centering on the mind, body, 和幸福. 这些项目包括:

To learn more about giving back to 纽约医院, through an unrestricted contribution or a gift to a specific fund today, or a planned gift as a way to share your legacy with 纽约医院 and the community into the future, 请联络社区关系,电邮 (电子邮件保护) 或致电(207)351 -2385. 感谢您对冰球突破的支持.